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MaaS is the concept that users can utilise whichever mobility service is most efficient for a journey, across public and private modes, planning and paying seamlessly based on what and how much they use.

MaaS promises to help move people away from private car ownership, reducing congestion and making our cities better places to live and move around.

The MaaS vision of being able to offer a single interface for cross-mode travel, often for a subscription payment model is a highly attractive one. However, as with all technology, the devil lies in the detail, and the difference between vision and actually delivering is considerable.

This webinar looked at the different approaches to MaaS currently being proposed and discussed the various benefits these offer and the challenges they face. The greatest issue facing MaaS today is how do cities take the first step in reaching this vision. Topics covered included:

  • An overview of MaaS and the current state of the market
  • Comparions of subscription and Account Based MaaS offerings

  • Debates on who should provide a MaaS offering, public or private entities

  • Real-world examples of MaaS from around the globe were provided including Kisio’s PlanBookTicket and Transit App
  • An outline of the benefits of SDK integration for connecting services
  • An outline of the role MaaS will play in the future of public transit

  • A step-by-step process for evolving current solutions into a MaaS offering

Keynote Speakers

Jonathan Donovan

Jonathan Donovan

CPO, Masabi

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Communications Lead, Transit

Laurent Leca

Chief Product Officer, Kisio - Digital Solutions

Beate Kubitz

Author, Annual Survey of Mobility as a Service 2018 and Director of Policy and Communications for TravelSpirit

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